The company policy of continuous development and improvement over 20 years has resulted in the many awards and success totally out of proportion to the size of the firm and its very small radius of working.

Since 1993 we have won the George Phillips Award 5 times for a listed building that makes the best contribution to Rutland.

1993 - 2 Mill Lane, Ketton

1995 - Commended - The Bishop Clayton Hall

2000 - Village Hall, Wing

2007 - Littles Boarding House, Oakham School

2014 - Highly Commended - Redgate, Uppingham

We have won the LJCC Merit Awards 3 times for general high standards of stonework and joinery on stone and lime render.

2007 - Oakham School Boarding House

2014 - Redgate House, Uppingham

2014 - White Lodge House, Thorpe Satchville

Georgian Group Award

2011 - Highly Commended, The Old Rectory, Church Langton

We have 4 commendations from Rutland District Council.

Awarded The Melton Council Best Single Dwelling in 1994.

  • Rutland House